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Crushed crystal necklace/022013

Crushed crystal necklace/022013

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A unique necklace using cracked crystal beads.
The nuanced colors and gold parts give it an edgy impression.
An item that goes well with both gold and silver colors and adds depth to your outfit.
By creating it with all knots, a traditional technique used for pearls, etc., a supple silhouette that follows the body line is achieved.
Enjoy the beauty of handiwork.

The hook uses an original magnetic hook made of stainless steel.
Easy to put on and take off, and recommended for those with sensitive skin.

*Image 2: From the right, dark brown, gray, brown-brown, image 7 is the closest to the actual color in the shade. In direct sunlight, it is a slightly reddish brown like the other images.


Materials: Crystal, 24kgf stainless

Length: 37-38cm

Because it is handcrafted, the shape and tightness of the knots may vary slightly from piece to piece.

*As it is a delicate product, please be careful not to subject it to strong impacts or getting it caught.


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